Monday, December 25, 2006

The Vyew

There are a lot of new start-up companies on the web that are bring us Web 2.0 functionality at little or no cost. With more training opportunities being available on the web companies are trying to carve out space on the web for content and desktop sharing. One interesting software application that runs within a browser can be found at Vyew. Vyew is a service that will allow you to share your files, pictures, maps, as well as your desktop using any standard browser. Individuals who are hosting a session can set up their presentation ahead of time and then invite users to share their Vyewbooks with the information. The Vyew service offers users the capability to annotate on the screen as well as the ability to chat once guests are logged into the Vyew room. Hosts can upload Powerpoint, Word, and PDF documents to their Vyewbook so that viewers can have access them during a web conference. I found the environment very easy to navigate and while Vyew is a application that is constantly being upgraded it has proven to work well. Vyew also offer free conference call numbers for those who need to talk one another. Vyew also offers desktop sharing so that you can demonstrate applications on your computer. While not as full featured as dedicated sharing applications Vyew will allow you to demonstrate any application that you have on your computer screen. I am amazed that applications like this reside on the web at no cost to the user. Considering the features and the functionality I think that you will find Vyew
one site you will want to visit. Let me know what you think once you have had a chance to use Vyew.

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