Monday, May 28, 2007

Mobivox- Taking Skype to a Cell Phone near You

I recently tried out Mobivox which is a really interesting free service that lets you dial a local access number and then Mobivox acts as a bridge to your Skype contacts. I was able to dial a local access number and when the Voxgirl Avatar asks who would you like to call you say "who is online," with that the Voxgirl Avatar says connecting to Skype and then proceeds to name all of your contacts who are presently online. When Voxgirl says the contact you want to reach, you simply press the pound key (#) and you are connected. I recently place a call using Mobivox and checked my Verizon account just to check if there was any other fees. The call to the local access number cost me nothing and I was able to speak to my friend Deb in Maine. This is certainly another interesting way to expand your use of your Skype account. Give it a try and let me know what your think. Better yet call me on Skype. You can do that by clicking on my Skype icon on the main page of this blog.

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