Monday, June 25, 2007

Vernier's Labquest Handheld Data Analysis Tool

I have written great deal about the use of probeware in the classroom and how it can change the way science is taught in schools. At NECC 2007, Vernier Software & Technology was showing their latest product called LabQuest. LabQuest is a handheld data capture tool with real time graphing and analysis that is done with the device's high resolution touch screen. The LabQuest looks to be the perfect device for both in the classroom and for field use. Students can plug in any on of the 50 sensors to collect data. Read the Press Release below for more information

Vernier’s New ‘LabQuest’ Handheld is the Most Versatile
Data Analysis Tool in Science Education Today

Device serves as one-stop source for data collection and analysis

Beaverton, OR – June 25, 2007 – A new, intuitive handheld device places data analysis at the fingertips of science students and educators, whether they are in the lab or in the field. With LabQuest from Vernier Software & Technology, students can plug in Vernier sensors to acquire real-time graphing and analysis via the device’s color screen for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and Earth science.

Vernier LabQuest allows students to collect data from more than 50 sensors and view and analyze the data in a meter, data table or graph. The device also enables students to draw a prediction before taking data, display a tangent line on their graphs, as well as use linear and curve fits, autoscales, integral functions and statistics in their analysis.

The handheld contains six sensor ports, a built-in temperature sensor for measuring ambient temperatures, and a built-in microphone for recording voice.. Other built-in applications include a stopwatch, a periodic table, an on-screen keyboard and a scientific calculator. The 40 MB storage capacity can be expanded through an SD/MMC card or USB drive.

Users can operate the LabQuest using the built-in LabQuest Graphing and Analysis Application or connect it to either a PC or Mac in order to export collected data to Vernier’s Logger Pro software. The handheld can also be connected to a printer, headphones, speakers or other devices.
LabQuest Brings Versatile Data Analysis to Science Studies
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The 320 x 240 color graphic display with LED backlighting provides sharp, clear color images. LabQuest is designed for ease of use, allowing for navigation through either its buttons or by pressing an accompanying stylus to the touch screen and on-screen keyboard. In addition, the rubber overmolding and rugged design provide protection against bumps, falls and water. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack ensures that users can use the device for an entire school day before having to recharge.

“Our new LabQuest is a breakthrough in data-collection technology. For the first time, students have complete capabilities while out in the field,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “The LabQuest allows for professional-grade inquiry while out in the field and fosters scientific analysis for all students. And we have backed it with a comprehensive curriculum.” Vernier has embedded more than 50 science labs in LabQuest, and 10 of the company’s popular lab books have been updated with instructions for using the handheld in experiments.

Pricing and Availability
LabQuest is scheduled to ship in September 2007 for a price of $329. Purchases of eight or more devices will earn a discount price of $299 each. Vernier will demonstrate the device to the media during NECC.

Educators can visit to view an online product tour and up-to-date details, sign up for a free 30-day preview, and see when free Vernier workshops offering LabQuest demonstrations and hands-on trials will be in their area.

About Vernier Software & Technology
Vernier Software & Technology has been an innovator of data-collection technology for 25 years. Creating easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and software, their products can be found in education from elementary school to college. Vernier helps teachers enhance their science curriculum, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. Vernier’s technologies are in use worldwide in more than 120 countries. For more information visit
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