Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mindmanager 7 for Macintosh Webinar

Today I was a participant in a Mindjet webinar "Get the Inside Look at MindManager 7 Mac and Walk Away with your Own Copy." looking at how I use Mindjet MindManager in the courses that I teach at the College of St. Elizabeth. I had the opportunity to share my ideas about how I use MindManager 7 for the Mac as well as MindManager Pro 7 for Windows in the work that I do. Mindjet, Inc. has recorded the session and once it is available you can download it and listen to it. I find that having the ability to visually manipulate my ideas works really well when designing my courses. Having the ability to move ideas around the mind map makes it easy for me to get the a flow for the course. Likewise, I use MindManager 7 to design each of the class lectures which gives the students a great overview of what is going to be covered that evening. After each class, I export the mind map as a PDF file and upload it to Blackboard so that my students can refer to it. Using MindMananger Pro 7 as a presentation tool has been another effective use of the application. Having the ability to design my mind maps on myMacintosh at home and then being able to open them on my PC in my office has been a very important feature.

To get a comprehensive overview of the the webinar you can go to Michael Sampson's Blog. Michael did a great job of reporting on the event and I am sure you find his blog very informative and one that you will want to put into your RSS Reader.

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