Monday, July 30, 2007

MindMeister Adds New Features

The MindMeister Team shared this update with me which I thought you would find interesting. MindMeister is an online application that allows you to do mindmapping right within your browser With each update the program adds more and more functionality. One of the really powerful features is the ability to share your mind maps and collaborate with other people over the web. Check it out and tell me what you think.

What's New in MindMeister

* Links on ideas
Support for internal (between maps, or also to individual nodes) and external (websites, email addresses) links on ideas

* Automatic layouter

No more overlapping ideas and branches with the new auto layouter - can also be triggered manually on "messed up" maps by pressing F8
* Note and link previews

Notes and links on ideas can now be previewed by hovering over the respective icon, including site previews
* Reworked, more organic lines

We've changed the line drawing mechanism so that mind maps now hopefully look more organic. The poll in the last newsletter went in favor of the slightly rounded lines (with about 40%)
* Automatic canvas resizing

The map canvas will automatically resize to the size of the map, e.g. on import of large maps or when adding lots of ideas
* Changes view date slider

In changes mode the footer will display a date slider that you can use to constrain the time period for which changes are shown. Clicking on links in notification mails will only highlight changes since your last visit.
* Start new map from idea

You can quickly create new maps from ideas through the right-click menu, and the new map can automatically be linked to the current one
* Export as PDF

The map canvas will automatically resize to the size of the map, e.g. on import or when adding many ideas
* Enhanced printing

Choose whether you want to print in full size or fit to page, and with open or closed branches
* Browse public maps

You can now browse, search and view all public maps on MindMeister - let us know which ones you like through the good old star rating system!
* and much more...

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