Friday, July 20, 2007

PersonalBrain 4 for Macintosh

I have had a chance to use the PersonalBrain 4 on the Macintosh and have really enjoyed playing around with it. The PersonalBrain 4 is a wonderful visual repository for ideas, attachments, web links, spreadsheets, and calendar events. Its forte is really the ability to link or associate the various "thoughts" that you have into one single repository. Additionally, the PersonalBrain 4 has unique indexing capability that allows you to find information almost instantaneously. The PersonalBrain 4 indexes all of your information in addition to your attachments (ie. Word, PDF, Excel) , which makes it easy to go to one place to find what you are looking for. Making associations between ideas is very easy and intuitive in the PersonalBrain 4. I have put online a small video to give you an idea of how the PersonalBrain 4 works on the Macintosh. As I use it I will put up some other short videos. The PersonalBrain 4 is an ideal personal information manager for those of you who like to be able to visually organize your information. To view the video click here or on the screenshot.

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