Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Teacher's Guide to Mind Mapping

Gideon King, the developer of NovaMind Mind Mapping application has released a wonderful resource for educators who are using mind mapping in the classroom. The book is visually very appealing and the content will certainly help teachers to think about how they can use mind mapping effectively in the classroom across the curriculum. A Teacher's Guide to Mind Mapping is generously packed with beautifully printed mind maps in full color and clearly shows the power of this tool for students. As someone who is a specialist in working with students with disabilities, I have been a real advocate of the power of these tools with students with a range of learning disabilities. Mr. King in his book talks about the advantages of mind mapping and how it can facilitate memory, comprehension, and learning in the classroom. Mr. King illustrates the many ways that mind mapping can be used across the curriculum and the power of using visuals to address the needs of students with varying learning styles. If you are new to mind mapping or need some new ideas of how to use mind mapping technique and strategies then you will want to pick up a copy of Teacher's Guide to Mind Mapping.

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