Sunday, July 8, 2007

ThemeReader and MindManager Perfect Together

I came across this interesting utility that adds incredible functionality to MindManager 6 or 7 for Windows, which was reviewed in the last issue of Inclusion Times. Imagine a scenario in which your students have to read through a long and complex Word document and figure out what it means. Well with ThemeReader from Mindsystems it is now possible with the aide of MindManager to simply Right click on the Word document and select ThemeReader. ThemeReader begins to process your Word document and when it is done it creates a MindManager mindmap which summarizes all of the key points in the Word document. Using artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, ThemeReader looks for recurrent or common themes in the document and graphically displays them in MindManager 6 /7. Mindsystems ThemeReader™ is powered by CiriLab's revolutionary “Knowledge Engine” technology. This advanced new technology is able to quickly analyze a file or document and pick out recurrent or 'common' themes. The MindManager Map that is shown was automatically developed from a proposal that I created in Microsoft Word. This is a very handy and powerful tool for students as well as educators who need to analyze information. This could be a very interesting way for students to analyze their reading material or for that matter their written work. This could easily be used to help students in the area of reading comprehension. Using ThemeReader alongside MindManager 6 or 7 and a text to speech application could go a long way to assist students in the area of comprehension. The text to speech application could be used directly within MindManager 6 or 7 to help students who have reading disabilities. If you are using MindManager 6or 7 in the classroom then take a look at this handy and useful add-on.

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