Saturday, August 18, 2007

PersonalBrain 4-Linking Ideas

I have been working with the PersonalBrain 4 for the past couple of weeks and have really enjoyed the way it keeps track of data in its relational database. It is easy to cross reference material that is stored in your PersonalBrain so that it can come into focus when you click on a thought. You will see in the video that I can link thoughts that have been already entered into the PersonalBrain so that the information is categorized the way I want it. In this screencast, I demonstrate how I can link mindmapping programs to the Windows thought, by just beginning to type the name of the program. When I link the idea you will see that when I click on the Windows thought, that all of the mindmapping programs associated with the Windows platform come into focus.

To read more about the PersonalBrain 4 you can read an earlier post that I did last month.

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