Thursday, October 4, 2007

Using OoVoo in Educational Leadership

I finally had the chance to use OoVoo today with my colleagues at the College of St. Elizabeth where I teach and have to say the video is wonderful. It was very easy to start the conference and the user interface is first class. I was able to start a 3 way video conference in seconds with great video and audio. OoVoo has some really great applications in the work that I do, and one of my colleagues would like to use the video conferencing capabilities in a course he is teaching on global education for doctoral candidates in Educational Leadership. If you have any contacts over seas that are interested in participating in this global education course, please let me know and we can get connected. Imagine future educational leaders being able to communicate with each other and discuss pertinent issues. If you would like to participate in the course download OoVoo and give me a call to see how we can make this work. My user name on OoVoo is assistivetek.

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