Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eye-Fi Revisited

I had posted earlier about the release of Eye-Fi, which is a 2 Gigabyte SD card with built-in WiFi. I recently purchased the Eye-Fi Card from Amazon and had the opportunity to use it the last couple of days with my Canon Powershot SD500 digital camera. To start off the packaging of the Eye-Fi is very appealing and clever. The Eye-Fi comes in a sliding box that includes a very simple installation guide, the Eye-Fi SD Card, and a USB SD Card Reader. To install the Eye-Fi Manager on my Mac Book, I simply plugged the Eye-Fi SD Card into the USB SD Card Reader and installed the software. Once installed, I opened the Eye-Fi Manager and configured my Eye-Fi Card to recognize my home WiFi network and was able to choose Phanfare as the service which I wanted to upload my pictures to. Eye-Fi gives you a host of services that you can choose from to upload your pictures. ie. Picassa, Flickr, etc. Once this step was complete, I
unmounted the Eye-Fi SD Card and plugged it into my Canon Powershot SD500 digital camera. I needed to adjust the Power Settings so that the camera would not turn off after a specified time which might disrupt Eye-Fi from uploading my pictures. Now I started to snap some pictures and watched as the pictures were uploaded to my computer and to Phanfare. What joy watching my pictures arrive on my computer and on Phanfare without the need to use a USB cable! Eye-Fi worked as advertised and is a very cool technogadget for the holidays.

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