Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Livescribe Smartpen Coming Soon!

I had reported to you several months ago about the Livescribe smartpen which will be released early next year. Livescribe is presently accepting pre-orders at this time through the end of December. If you want to be first in line to receive this technological smartpen you can pre-order and save on the shipping and handling charges. There are some new pictures on the web site which show the actual pen and some of the accessories. The pen looks to be about the size of a Mont Blanc pen and it has an OLED display as well as a microphone and speakers built in. I am hopeful that I can receive a Livescribe smartpen to review for the blog and for my newsletter Inclusion Times. With all of its capabilities it could be a real god send for those that struggle to simultaneously take notes and listen to the content. Since the Livescribe pen synchronizes the audio and the text the student could always go back and review the notes. Wow- that will be way cool! Time will tell!

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