Monday, November 5, 2007

XMIND 2008 Supports Leopard

For those of you who have recently upgraded to Leopard on the Macintosh you should be aware that XMIND 2008 is Leopard Ready. XMIND is a full featured mind mapping application for both Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. XMIND 2008 is a powerful application that you will find easy to use. XMIND has an attractive and intuitive interface that should have you creating exquisite mind maps in no time. Using the Properties menu you can quickly structure and select from many different mind maps. You will find it easy to link note, URL's, and attachments to your ideas. XMIND 2008 also supports audio notes which adds a really nice touch for communicating your ideas. When it comes to sharing your mind maps you will find it easy to export your mind maps to Word, PDF, and Image files. Go to the XMIND 2008 website to download a trial version of XMIND 2008.

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