Thursday, December 13, 2007 to the Rescue

As I begin to think about how and where I save my resources-it is clear that having the ability to have access to my files 24/7 is the ideal scenario. I recently did a Mimio Xi presentation for a school district and developed a custom MimioStudio Notebook for the workshop. In the past I would have saved it to a flash drive and then transferred it to the computer that I would be presenting on. This time around, I used the service which gives you 1 GB of free storage space on their web site to store my presentation file. I have found to be easy to use and having that extra storage space has come in really handy in more than one occasion. The accounts are free and if you want you can upgrade your account to obtain more storage space should you need it.

I have heard rumors that Google will be making server space available for free in the upcoming months. The service will be called Gdrive and I have heard that they will be offering somewhere in the vicinity 50 GB of space for document storage. Now that will be really cool!

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