Saturday, December 29, 2007

GPS Navigation on your Mobile Phone

I came across this article today and had been thinking of doing a post on my use of VZNavigator service on my cell phone. I have been a user of VZNavigator for nearly two years and would not be without it. VZNavigator provides turn by turn navigation on my GPS enabled cell phone and is a service of Verizon Wireless. While the screen is small, VZNavigator uses the most of the real estate and provides great visual feedback as you are driving. VZNavigator provides you with a high quality voice with full text to speech as you proceed on your route. If you make a wrong turn VZNavigator will quickly recalculate your route and get you back on track. VZNavigator provides you with the distance to your destination and how much time it will take you to get there. While there have been times when I thought about buying a standalone GPS unit I have deferred the purchase thinking about one more gadget that I need to feed. Having my cell phone on me all of the time gives me reason to continue the service. It is convenient and works. In addition to providing turn by turn directions you can search for points of interest and have VZNavigator map where you are. In the past couple of months VZNavigator has included tighter integration with the web which allows you to access your Favorites as well as add new addresses to your Favorites list via the web and have it synch with your phone. This is a powerful feature and one that makes it easier to enter new addresses to navigate to. I usually go to the VZNavigator web site at the beginning of the week and enter any new addresses via the web site and then synch it with my cell phone. While VZNavigator costs me $9.99 a month I for one feel the service is well worth the expense. It is incredible how empowering it is to have GPS on your phone and have access to it 24/7.

JANUARY 2, 2008

According to a survey conducted by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, US mobile phone users ranked their desire for GPS navigation on their devices higher than Internet access.

In the survey, 24% of respondents wanted their next mobile phone to be GPS-capable, and only 19% wanted Internet access.

Mobile phones today occupy a small share of the GPS market.

Only 6% of GPS-device owners had a GPS-enabled phone, compared with 51% who had portable GPS devices and 39% who had GPS devices in their cars.

But global positioning systems may bypass the early-adopter stage.

"Our research is finding the purchase and use of GPS-enabled devices is not confined to segments of the population in which 'early adopters' are generally concentrated—the young, highly educated or affluent," said Owen Shapiro of Leo J. Shapiro and Associates.

"Today's GPS-enabled devices are being widely adopted among the middle-aged and elderly," Shapiro said.

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