Sunday, December 23, 2007

Project Planning with MindManager 7 Pro and Project Kickstart 4

In a previous post, I reviewed Project Kickstart 4, an easy to use project management software application and now wanted to share with you how this application can work seamlessly with MindManager 7 Pro. With many companies and individuals using mind mapping for all aspects of running a business it is great to know that there are other applications that can complement MindManager 7 Pro, in developing and managing projects. While MindManager Pro 7 is a wonderful tool to brainstorm and start project planning there will come a point in time when you will want to move the data to a project management piece of software. This is where Project Kickstart 4 comes in. Individuals can do their initial planning and brainstorming in MindManager Pro 7 and with a click of the mouse move the date right into Project Kickstart 4. Project Kickstart 4 adds a number of unique features for project planning and having access to a Gantt chart makes it a lot easier to track the project. I have created a short screencast showing you just how easy it is to export data from MindManger 7 Pro into Project Kickstart 4.

Click here to view the screencast

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