Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GyroQ to the Rescue

First I would like to thank Nick Dufill from Gyronix for providing me with a copy of GyroQ to review. GyroQ is a simple and elegant application that compliments MindManager and makes it easy for you to stay on task. I for one always have my MindManager maps open so that if I get a thought or an idea I can enter it into the map. With GyroQ I can continue to do work on my tasks and if an idea or an action items comes into my mind I can quickly open GyroQ and add the idea to the queue without breaking my stride. GyroQ has a number of built in tags that lets you categorize your entry as you quickly type it in. Some of the tags included are: Idea, Information with Clipboard, Action Item, I Owe, and I'm Waiting for. When using GyroQ you simply press the Control-Q to bring up the GyroQ window, select your tag and then press enter. Now you can return to your work and not be distracted by looking for just the right MindManager map to place the information into. At the end of the day you simply open up your GyroQ Daily Capture Map and click on Send Queue and all of your ideas, actions and entries are automatically consolidated and added to your mind map. GyroQ is a wonderful addition to MindManager and its power is in the simplicity of the application. You can download a trial version of GyroQ at the Gyronix website.

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