Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to Ship in March

A couple of months ago I reported on the development of the Livescribe pen and its unique features. I just learned that the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen will begin shipping in March and there will be two different versions, a 1 Gigabyte version ($149 dollars) that can store up to 100 hours of audio and a 2 Gigabyte version ($199 dollar) that can store 200 hours of audio. This has the potential to be a great tool for students who have difficulty with note taking. The Pulse pen will include a Getting Started Guide, a Notebook, Docking unit, and Ear buds with built-in microphones. As part of the system students will be able to share their smart notebooks over the web as well as be able to search their notebooks for specific information. I for one am very excited with the platform they are building and the potential for this tool. Watch CEO Jim Marggraff talk about the Livescribe Pulse pen during an interview with a CNET reporter.

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