Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Using MindManager Pro 7- A Users Perspective

I had the opportunity to interview Alberto Martinez who I met through my blog who is a long time mind mapping user and thought it would be interesting to find out how he uses MindManger Pro 7 in the work that he does. Alberto recently started his own blog, MindMapping EveryWhere and has some interesting posts which you should check out.

Brian Friedlander: Can you share with us a little bit about your background and how you gotstarted using mind mapping?

Alberto Martinez: I began using mind mapping during high school. I had a teacher, who was an active Tony Buzan reader and follower who taught me the techniques. For me the combination of drawings and text stimulates both my brain hemispheres, and increases my creativity. To this day I still use papers and notebooks in a horizontal format while using colored markers, to create mind maps on the fly

I have worked during my career for three leading companies Accenture, Ericsson and Siemens. I have evolved from R&D positions as an engineer and currently hold a management position. During my R&D period I was an author or co-author of 3 different patents. When working on the patents I used mind mapping techniques to help streamline the patent documentation process.

BF: Why did you decide to start your blog?

AM: I have used different mind mapping tools continuously in my personal and professional life. In the work that I do, my colleagues have seen me taking notes, preparing meetings or gathering information using mind mapping strategies. Over the years I have had the opportunity to share with colleagues how I use MindManager Pro 7 both in my personal and professional life. I decided to blog about my experiences using mind maps to share my experiences and how the technique can be beneficial to those in the business world.

BF: Can you share with us how you use MindManager 7 in the work that you do?

AM: Sure. I normally use mind maps for everything in my professional life. I typically use MindManager Pro 7 to prepare for business meetings, note-taking, preparing presentations and for organizing different types of information. This is the first tool that I choose when I need to perform the aforementioned tasks. I find that having access to my mind maps for my my daily to-dos list is essential. I would also say these tools are extraordinary good for strategic purposes, and they are extraordinary for playing out different business scenarios

BF: What are the benefits of using MindManager Pro 7 in the work that you do?

AM: Certainly creativity! I find that I can brainstorm and generate more ideas and thoughts using MindManager. Productivity- Specifically by using to-dos lists, you are continuously
dedicating time to important tasks.

BF: How do your co-workers feel about the use of MindManager? Are they currently using
it as well?

I must say that in my current company about 10 of my colleagues are using these techniques, and they themselves feel these tools are boosting their creativity as well.

BF: What do you co-workers say when you present them with mind maps?

AM: Firstly, they think I am a weird guy:-) Secondly, they usually ask me about how I created them. Thirdly, they want to learn more about these techniques. After presenting my mind maps some of my colleagues have begun to utilize these techniques which is really exciting for me to see.

BF: Can you share with us a specific case in how MindManager Pro 7 was helpful? How did it help you in the work that you do.

AM: On January 8th, I will lead a very important business meeting (See mind map). Preparing meetings in advance with MindManager Pro 7 has really helped me to pull the important facets of the meeting together. In preparation for the meeting I have put together a MindManager Pro 7 map with an outline of the different points to be considered on the day of the meeting, so I can remember to address and focus on each of the key points during the meeting. One of the really important features of using this approach with MindManager Pro 7 is being able to export my mind map into a Microsoft Word document for people who may not be able to understand the mind mapping metaphor.

BF: In summary- what are the key points and features of mind mapping for you and what topics do you hope to discuss on your blog?

AM: I would say that one of the clear benefits of using MindManager Pro 7 is being able to see the idea communicated clearly on one page. Being able to integrate text, icons, color and images really enhances the mind map and people’s retention of the ideas.

On my blog I will try to show how mind mapping techniques can be used both in your professional career and in your personal life. I also welcome my readers comments and look forward to learning how others are using mind mapping techniques in the work that they do.

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