Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Connecting with other MindManager Users

The internet has created some really great tools to collaborate and bring us all closer together. As I was speaking with Steve Rothwell about MindManager 7 today over Skype in his office in England, I was reflecting on just how great it is to be able to reach out to the greater MindManager Community. While I was familiar with Steve's blog and his posts it was wonderful getting to speak with Steve firsthand and find out how he is using MindManager in the consulting work that he doing. And just this past weekend, I also had a chance to chat with Andrew Wilcox over Skype as part of a MindManager User Group which worked out really well. This week I was able to connect with Wallace Tait from VisualMapper.com to find out what he has in store for his web site. If you didn't see the free offer then go to Wallace's website and download his free mind mapping eBook. Just yesterday, I had a chance to catch up with Kyle McFarlin, the Visual Strategist and find out what he is up to. The web is certainly the tool to help you reach out and connect with others. I for one am fortunate to have this rich community of MindManager Users that I can reach out to. If you are interested in keeping connected with other MindManager Users feel free to join the LinkedIn User Group or the Ning Mindmanager User Group.

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