Friday, March 14, 2008

The Mind Mapping Manifesto eBook is Out!

Chuck Frey's new e-book, The Mind Mapping Manifesto, is now available! It aims to help business people to understand what a powerful business tool mind mapping software is, and how it can help them. Here is a brief summary of the valuable insights and advice it contains:

  • The true cost of information overload and multi-tasking (it will open your eyes to a looming crisis)
  • What research proves about the benefits of mind mapping software in business (the productivity impact is substantial!)
  • Perspectives from 10 mind mappers on the impact this type of software has made on the way they think, plan and work.
  • A list of over 20 business applications where mind mapping software can be used to increase your efficiency
  • Ten tips on how to select the right mind mapping program for your needs
  • A checklist to help you identify your needs
  • Reviews of 5 top mind mapping programs that I personally recommend
  • My “best of” list of the programs that offer the greatest performance in 8 key areas.
  • A collection of over 50 resources where you can discover the best tools, resources and advice about mind mapping software

Invest in your future by ordering The Mind Mapping Manifesto today!

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