Friday, April 4, 2008

Jott it Dano!

Since connecting with my colleague and friend Karen Janowski, I have had a chance to revisit Jott and look at all of the new features. I know that a lot has been written about Jott in the last couple of weeks, but the more I use the more applications I see both for myself and for students that struggle putting pen to paper. If you are new to Jott it is easy to set up a free account and get started dictating your messages using your cell phone. It is easy to Jott- simply call a toll free number, state who you want to Jott and within minutes your voice message is transcribed and emailed to your account. I have done several demonstrations for my graduate students and the speech to text transcription is quite good. Once the text is emailed to you- it is easy to copy and paste it into a word processor. Imagine student who has trouble writing being able to call Jott and answer their Social Studies homework questions simply by talking into a phone. You can also create what Jott calls Lists- which are handy ways to organize your messages. Likewise you can also set up Lists, which allow you to specify which contacts yu would like to get your email messages. This featre is very cool. With Jott you can also post messages directly to you blog and add events to your Google Calendar. If you want to see speech to text in action then give Jott a try.

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