Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen in Action

It was with great anticipation that my Pulse Smartpen arrived and I had a chance to use it and see just how effective a tool it could be. After using it for two straight days it is surpassing my expectations as far as the quality of the sound that is captured. Using the 3D microphones that plug into the Pulse Smartpen you can get very high quality recordings of the the teacher speaking. The 3D microphones which also serve as ear buds were draped over my shoulders to record the sound. The quality of the recordings is rich with most of the background noise canceled out. It was really amazing to be able to click on the page and hear the audio cue up to the spot on the page almost instantaneously. You should have seen the students when I was using it to record my classroom observation. The desktop software that comes with the Pulse Smartpen allows you to download your digital ink to your computer which can also be played. Your journal pages are all indexed and you can search your pages quickly for any words that you wrote. When the software finds the text it highlights it for you. As the computer plays back your audio it highlights the words that you wrote on the page that were synced to the time that it was said. All in all the Pulse Smartpen worked right out of the box without a hitch and the sound quality of the recording was unbelievable. You have to see and hear it to believe it!

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