Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Using MindManager 7- A New User's Perspective

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Meir and introduced him to the power of visual mapping and what it could do for him and the work that he is now doing. I thought it would be interesting to get Meir's perspective on how he is using MindManager 7 to solve business problems and allow him to work more efficiently. Enjoy!


BSF: Hi Meir- can you share with us the work that you do?

MK: Hello Dr. Friedlander. Thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers how MindManager 7 has helped me be more productive and work with greater efficiency. I work for an actuarial consulting company that provides full-service plan administration and consulting to small and large sized companies offering employer sponsored retirement plans. As the Information Technology Coordinator I manage all IT related activities, provide technical guidance and support for our pension staff and assist in the identification, implementation and maintenance of information management policies and procedures.

BSF: What was is about the demands of your work that made you gravitate towards using visual mapping and MindManager 7?

MK:Several months into my new position my company began working towards automating various pension related processes. With this ongoing project came a great deal of information that needed to be organized, as well as numerous tasks that required management and tracking within specific time frames. MindManager 7 was a lifesaver, allowing me to visualize the different projects and tasks and effectively manage all the necessary information.

BSF:How has MindManager 7 helped you to solve some of your business problems?

MK: MindManager 7 has helped me prepare detailed flow charts illustrating various workflow processes. These maps were used for staff training purposes and utilized as a visual learning tool to demonstrate specific business procedures and prepare for different process outcomes.

BSF:How receptive were your coworkers to the idea of using visual maps to convey and present information?

MK: I am happy to say that most of my coworkers were accepting to the idea of using visual maps and have even expressed their appreciation for the organizational quality and visual support that visual mapping provides. The response from management however was somewhat mixed. Some of the management staff were very receptive to using MindManager 7, while others were unexcited and uncomfortable with using visual mapping as a business tool.

BSF: Since you started using MindManager 7 have any of your colleagues jumped on board?

MK: Yes. One co-worker who I work closely with has become a strong supporter of visual mapping as a business tool and is in the process of learning how to use MindManager 7.

BSF:What would you say are the top 2 or 3 benefits of using MindManager 7 in the work that you do?

MK: The greatest benefits of using MindManager 7 in my work have been the ability to organize and capture my ideas, tasks and business activities on a visual dimension within a platform that is entirely integrated with Microsoft Office. As a person who has always preferred a visual learning style, MindManager 7 serves as my ideal tool to manage all my information technology and information management responsibilities.

BSF: As a new comer to visual mapping what suggestions would you give to other users who are on the fence or just starting out using this tool?

MK: I would suggest that they try to be creative and identify various ways that visual mapping can help them in their work environment. Greater integration of visual mapping as a business tool means more practice and more opportunities to develop visual mapping skills. I would also recommend utilizing the numerous visual mapping templates and libraries that are available. I have found it easier to customize existing maps to meet my individual needs rather than creating something from scratch.

BSF: Can you share a specific application that really attracted you to using MIndManager 7.

MK: I can’t think of an application that specifically attracted me to MindManager 7 but FreeMind was the first visual mapping application that I experimented with. The limitations of FreeMind ultimately lead me to MindManager 7 which I have found to be a more comprehensive and effective visual mapping alternative

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