Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mindjet Acquires JCVGantt- Project Management Software

Mindjet announced today in a Press Release that the company has acquired JCVGantt a project management software application from Gannt Solutions. The marriage of MindManager and JCVGantt provides a strong solution for project management and is an invaluable communication tool. You can now derive the benefits of using MindManager for brainstorming and working out the goals and deliverables of the project and use JCVGantt to develop the timeline, look at resources and figure out the costs. I have reviewed JCVGannt earlier this year and understand the the latest version provides faster synchronization of data from MindManager and more control as to what is included in your Gantt Chart. The true beauty of JCVGantt is how it synchronizes the data from MindManager so that any changes that you make in MindManager are automatically updated in JCVGantt and vice versa. I hope to review the latest release of JCVGantt in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

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