Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Using aHa!Visual Web Export

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you information about the the IQ Visual Mapping Conference by using a mind map. What better way to convey information about the speakers and their bio's, then to export it to a mind map! In the process, I had the opportunity to use aHa!Visual Web Export which is a MindManager add-in from aHa!Coaching in the Netherlands. The aHa!Visual web export allows you to publish the results of a brainstorm or strategy session in the same visual map format the participants saw on their computers without the need for any other plug-in or viewers. Using a standard browser you can view your map complete with attachments and notes. I found using aHa!Visual Web Export to be be very easy and straight forward. Once aHa!Visual Web Export is installed you simply click on the Export tab and Select Export as Web Pages. (View the Process by Clicking here.) At this point you will see that you have a new export template call aHa!Visual Web Template. You simply select the aHa!Visual Web Export template, select where you want the output files to be stored and click OK. Once the process is complete you can view your map in your default browser. The mind map is interactive and you can click on the topics as well as the embedded documents and attachments to view the contents. To view it on the web just use your favorite FTP program to upload the files on your server and you are ready to go. After uploading the files I was able to view the map. I do wish that the mind map could appear bigger on the screen and that you could open and close the nodes as you would when using MindManager 7 application- but overall I was very satisfied with the ease of the the process and how aHa!Visual Web Export worked. This really was very easy to do! You can view the mind map on the web by clicking here.

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