Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Using the Pulse Smartpen with the Flip Notebook Paper

I received my Livescribe Flip Notebook Paper today via FedEx and was anxious to give it a try. Having a small flip notebook to use with the Pulse Smartpen will come in handy for taking notes and is light and small enough to carry around with me wherever I go. I tried out the new sized paper and when I tried to download it to the Livescribe Desktop software there was a little glitch. Just last week I had updated my pen with the latest firmware as well as updating the Livescribe Desktop software so I was surprised that I had a problem. The first sheet on the Flip Notebook paper reminds you to download the latest version of the software which I did in fact have. I called Livescribe Tech Support and got through to them very quickly and resolved the issue. By holding down the Control key and reinstalling the firmware update I was able to resolve the problem that I had. You can see the results of my handy work using the Flip Notebook at this link. Enjoy!

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