Thursday, May 7, 2009

Livescribe Releases Desktop Version 1.6

Livescribe has announced the release of Livescribe Desktop Version 1.6 for Windows, which can now be downloaded from their website. Livescribe Version 1.6 comes with a host of new features, but the one that I have been waiting for is the ability to easily export the audio portion of the notes and lo and behold it finally found its way into this version. I had a chance to download the upgrade this morning to try out the new Audio Export feature and am very pleased with the way it worked. You can see from the screenshot that you simply select the file you want and then from the File menu you select Export Audio. You can save your file anywhere you like. The file is exported in a MPG4 format which can then be played in any media player on your computer that supports this format. I choose to see how it would work within iTunes and all I needed to do was drag the file into my iTunes Library to play it. This feature will be incredibly handy for users and I can see how this can be used very effectively for podcasting and sharing out notes within classrooms. Think of the possibilities! Here is the example of the audio that I extracted from my notes.

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