Friday, September 11, 2009

Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod Saves the Day!

Some time in August, I decided to upgrade my MacBook to OS X 10.5 and while everything went smoothly, when I was done my iTunes Library was wiped clean. My wife and I have been using the MacBook to synch with her new Nano and I couldn't believe that all of the songs were gone- now all I was thinking about was the hours of work ripping CD's and getting her iTunes Library back in order. But late last week I had received Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod. The Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod is a unique device that allows you to back-up your files from your computer to the unused portion of your iPod or iPhone. While I thought this was a good idea-I also learned that it could transfer your music from your iPod and import them into your iTunes Library. To say the least, I was more excited with the thought of being able to move my music files from the iPod to my iTunes Library then in the back-up feature.

In any case if this worked as planned, I would be back in action and have my iTunes Library back to where it was before I upgraded the operating system. So I plugged the Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod into my computer and plugged my iPod Nano into the Transformer and clicked on the Import button. Within seconds the transfer of my music files was moving ahead as planned. It took some time to download the 300 or so songs and once it was done it transferred the songs back into my iTunes Library. I couldn't believe just how easy it was to do. Once I had resurrected my iTunes Library I then initiated a back up of my files on my Macintosh which worked very well. Clickfree automatically can back up your videos, music, and document files effortlessly with no software to install. It supports multiple computers as well as supporting Windows, and Mac. This is a unique product with some outstanding features. In my case the Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod was a life safer helping me to resurrect my iTunes Libarary. I would highly recommend this produc- it worked as advertised and exceeded my expectations. For more information about Clickfree’s Transformer for iPod click here.

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