Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creating Handouts from Adobe Captivate 4

I have been creating a lot of training videos in Captivate 4 lately for some of my upcoming workshops and one of the features which is often overlooked is the ability to quickly create printed handouts for your participants. This coming week I will be doing a training on how to create a blog using Blogger. For the workshop I created a video that demonstrates how to setup the Commenting features in Blogger . In order to address the various learning styles, I decided to provide my participants with a handout so that they can jot down notes and give them another reference point when I do the demonstrations.

While I have published a number of posts about creating demonstration and simulations in Adobe Captivate 4, you will find it very easy to create handouts from your demonstration videos- with a just a couple of clicks. Since Adobe Captivate 4 merely takes screen shots it is very easy for the Captivate 4 to create a Word document by formatting the screen shots and text captions as you will see. I put together this short video demonstration about how to create printed handouts in Adobe Captivate 4 with a click of the mouse. Let me know what you think!

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