Friday, November 20, 2009

Service Pack 2 Available for MindView 3 Business Edition

While using MindView 3 Business Edition today I was alerted that Service Pack 2 was available for download from Matchware. After you install the Service Pack your version of MindView 3 should be at Version 3.160. There is also Service Pack2 for MindView 3 as well.

This Service Pack contains the following changes:

Service Pack 2:

New Features:
  • MindView now supports pen input as well as standard keyboard/mouse input.
  • MindView now supports the use of SMART boards.
  • Timeline view: The detail level of the Timeline now matches the detail level used in the Timeline Outline. This means that only branches that are visible in the outline are shown on the timeline itself.
  • Copying a branch containing a text note now also copies the text note as expected.
  • The command Send no longer causes MindView to swap to another open document in some circumstances.
  • The filtering of dates has been updated.
  • The Mind Map now scrolls to the left when editing branch labels that expand outside the right edge of the workspace.
  • The Auto Correct function now works as expected when editing branch labels.
  • The Find/Replace and Spellchecking functions now expand invisible branches when necessary.
  • The Show Time Info setting chosen to display or hide start and end times is now preserved as expected when saving and re-opening the Mind Map.
  • Mind Maps shown in the Top Down view with their sub-branches displayed vertically are now updated as expected when branches are moved or deleted.
  • The layout of Mind Maps whose branches have been arranged "manually" (with auto-layout off) is now preserved as expected when saving and re-opening the file.
  • It is now possible to insert a branch from the Timeline Outline without causing the "Insert Event" dialog to open.
  • The dialog displayed when opening a packed map containing files whose original versions has changed since the map was packed no longer shows multiple entries when the same file has been used on several branches.
  • The Show Branch Data settings chosen to display or hide start/end times, priority level, completion percentage and resource names are now preserved as expected when saving and re-opening the Mind Map.
  • When updating the priority level, completion percentage and/or resource names of a branch, the changes are now reflected immediately on the Mind Map.
  • Copying branches containing calculations values now works as expected.
  • Gantt view:
    • The timescale chosen (years, quarters, months, days etc.) to represent the Gantt chart is now preserved as expected when saving and re-opening the file.
    • The label displayed in the Predecessors column of the Gantt Outline is now shown correctly in the case of tasks linked with predecessors with a Start to Start link.
    • Tasks having a summary task as predecessor task and linked to it with a percentage lead time (so that the task can start some time before the summary task ends) are now scheduled correctly in all circumstances.
    • Saving very large Gantt charts no longer causes MindView to freeze while generating the file preview picture.
  • MS Project Export: The Mind Map hierarchy is now always preserved as expected when exporting to MS Project 2007.
  • Excel Export: Sheet names are now localized as expected in versions of MindView other than English.
  • XML import: This now works as expected when branches have branch boundaries.

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