Saturday, January 23, 2010

Collaborating Web 2.0 Style

Since reviewing Tazzle IT I have had numerous conversations with Bruce Haendel about Tazzle IT and the whole mobile phone market. I have enjoyed getting to know Bruce and we have had some great conversations about marketing, technology, and BlackBerry's. Just the other night I connected with Bruce over Skype and some how we got into a conversation about how he could quickly inform others about his new and innovative product called Tazzle IT. I showed him some of the video demos that I have put together and he asked me what it would take to put something like that together. After some discussion over Skype we decided to put together a presentation that would include a video that he put together explaining how to use Tazzle IT.

As much as I use Web 2.0 technologies, I am always amazed what can be accomplished with these incredible collaboration tools. I suggested to Bruce who lives in Japan that we put the presentation together using Google Presentation. I signed into my Google Docs account and quickly shared the presentation with Bruce and we were on our way to creating the slide presentation. We did run in t a little snag every now and again with Google Docs and decided to use Etherpad to collaboratively work on the text for the slides. I quickly set up the Etherpad session and we were able in real time to work and edit the text for the slides. Once Bruce and I agreed on the copy, I was able to copy the text from Etherpad and paste it into the Google Presentation screen. That worked like a charm! Since we wanted to spruce up the Google Presentation, Bruce was able to drop into the Skype window picture files that I could then add to the presentation. By this time we were really humming and the presentation was moving along nicely. For the last slide we decided to insert one of the video's that Bruce had produced that he had uploaded to YouTube. Within seconds I was able to search for the Tazzle IT video within Google Presentation and insert it in the last slide. Adding a couple of corporate logos to the slide deck gave the Tazzle Presentation a polished look at we were then ready to publish it for the world to see. In about a hour, Bruce and I were able to put together this highly informative piece about Tazzle IT using several Web 2.0 technologies. When I reflect on what we did all I can say is Wow! Check out the Tazzle IT $10 dollar off promotion by clicking here.

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