Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vernier Releases LabQuest Mini

I have always been a big fan of the use of probeware in the classroom and firmly believe that when teachers use these digital tools, that students gain a deeper understanding of the scientific concepts and principles they are studying. Probeware helps students to visualize scientific phenomena which would otherwise be difficult to explain. Having a visual representation of the data is crucial for students and gives them another avenue for understanding the information at hand. Over the years I have used a number of different devices from Vernier and I am glad to share with you that they recently released the LabQuest Mini. The LabQuest Mini is a small lightweight device the plugs directly into the computer that accepts both digital and analog probes. The LabQuest Mini has 5 sensor ports which is accept a range of probes. The LabQuest Mini is powered by the USB port and does not require any batteries or adaptes which makes it the perfect companion for today's netbooks. The LabQuest Mini is compatible with over 50 Vernier probes and ships with Logger Lite to get your students up and running to collect, analyze, and chart data. The LabQuest Mini can also be used with Logger Pro for those times when you need more advanced tool set.

Setting up the LabQuest Mini was a breeze. I simply updated my version of Logger Pro from the internet and plugged in the LabQuest Mini into the USB port on my laptop and within seconds I was collecting temperature and grip strength. The set up could not have been easier with the LabQuest Mini and it size and functionality are certainly going to be two factors that will make schools very pleased with this offering from Vernier. The LabQuest Mini has a price of $149 dollars and is an ideal tool in the science classroom especially for those schools that are using netbooks in their classrooms. All in all, the LabQuest Mini from Vernier brings exceptional functionality and value, which should make it a staple in every school science program.

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