Saturday, August 21, 2010

Printing Your Own Livescribe Printable Notepads

I have been exploring my Livescribe Echo Smartpen and the Livescribe Desktop software and today I decided to see how easy it is to print my own dotted paper from my Windows laptop computer (Editors note: You can print dotted paper on you Macintosh computer from the Livescribe Desktop Application- 1. Open Livescribe Desktop.  2. From the top Menu select “Tools > Print Your Own Notebook…) . If you own or have access to a an Adobe Postscript color laser printer capable of printing at least 600 dots per inch you are in luck. I have been using digital pens for some time now and own an OKI Data 6100N, color laser printer, which is certified by Anoto to work with the digital pen and paper solutions, so I figured I would be in good shape attempting to print my own Livescribe notepads. So this evening I plugged my laptop into my OKI Data color laser printer and printed out a Test Page. Once the page printed out, I used the controls on the bottom of the page to record some responses and then docked my pen. Everything worked like I expected and the ink and audio worked just perfectly. Now that I know that it works, I can print out notepads which consist of 25 pages on ordinary 8 1/2 x 11 paper. It is good to know that I always have this option if I need it.

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