Friday, June 17, 2011

Using the HoverCam T3 with my iPad

Over the last couple of weeks I have been exploring different ways I can use the HoverCam T3 in the work that I do. Just this past week, I had the opportunity to teach my graduate students all about the iPad and the various apps that are out there to support students learning and communication. What a great chance for me to try my HoverCam T3 with my iPad as I walked through step by step demonstrating to my students how to navigate on the iPad. For one thing the HoverCam T3 is very easy to set up and the HoverCam Flex software makes it a dream to capture your documents and images under the camera. Since I have a first generation iPad video out for me is not really an option when demoing the iPad. In retrospect having the iPad under the HoverCam T3 allowed my students to watch as I navigated the iPad and the various apps. Having the LED lights on the HoverCam T3 came in real handy when demoing certain apps and it was easy enough to turn them on or off  if I needed to depending on the background color of  the app. During the class, the HoverCam T3 worked flawlessly and provided my students with  the opportunity to see step by step how the various apps worked on the iPad. The HoverCam T3 is an indispensable tool that has lots of applications in the classroom. If you would like a demo click here to signup.

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